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World Health Organization (WHO) reports that nearly 75% of high school graduates are engaged in sexual activities.

How does HIV transmitted from one person to the another? Research have shown shown that HIV is transmitted by the exchange of blood or body fluids such as semen or any vaginal secretions. Unprotected sex is also a great risk to infecting HIV. Another way of HIV transmission is from a HIV infected mother to her baby during birth, or by breast feeding.
People do not infect HIV through casual contact such as kissing or hugging with an infected person. Of course, HIV will not be passed on the another person by insect or mosquito biting.
Because the way the process of sexual intercourse works is by man's sperm through women's body to meet the egg in order to form a zygote, women have greater risks of infecting HIV. However, women can also protect herself by choice of having sex or not.


HIV CAN pass from one person to the another by:
HIV CANNOT pass from one person to the another by: