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Every 20 seconds there will be a women infected AIDS. Every 45 seconds there will be a men infected AIDS.

As you have seen from the last section, AIDS has become a common disease and a common cause of deaths among the world. But how many people in North America actually infected AIDS? Records and Statistics tell us that the number of AIDS patients had gone up more than 6 times the number of patients ten years ago!

Percentage of AIDS Patients In World's AIDS Population.
Geographic Area AIDS Population Percentage
The Whole World 36 000 000 100%
Africa 25 200 000 70%
Asia 4 320 000 12%
South America 2 160 000 6%
North America 1 440 000 4%
Latin America 1 080 000 3%
Middle East/Mediterranean 720 000 2%
Europe 720 000 2%
Australia 360 000 1%

Pie Graph
(source: from the above table)
Concentration of AIDS Patients
(source: from the above table)

This is a pie graph showing the AIDS population of each continent as a percentage of world's AIDS total population. Where do you think Canada will be?

This map shows the concentration of AIDS patients in the world. As you can see, North America has very low statistics compare to other geographic places.