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The World AIDS Day is used to remind people of the awareness of AIDS and to remember those people who died from AIDS. It is first started in December 1, 1988.

  1. What is AIDS?

  2. How many people in this world infected AIDS?

  3. What is HIV? What kind of cells does HIV attack?

  4. Define reverse transcription. Which enzyme is assoicating with this method?

  5. How does HIV transmitted from one to another?

  6. AIDS is stand for __________.

  7. According to HIV statistics, __________ has the greatest amount in the world's AIDS population.

  8. HIV consists of cylindrically shaped __________ and the surrounding __________.

  9. In order to replicate, HIV must convert __________ into __________.

  10. When HIV positive develope AIDS, the symptoms are divided into 4 different stages, they are __________ stage, __________ stage, __________ stage, and __________ stage.

  11. HIV alone can kill patients. (T/F)

  12. HIV bind normal human body cells. (T/F)

  13. You cannot infect AIDS by causal contact such as kissing or hugging. (T/F)

  14. AZT is a drug that kills most of the RT in our body. (T/F)

  15. Two layers known as gp41 and gp120 are proteins that enable HIV to bind and fuse with another target cell. (T/F)

  16. Question:

If 2 of your best friend asked you for sex, person A and person B. Would you rather choose person A, who...
  • has fever
  • has cough
  • often lose appetite and cannot sleep well at night
  • has CD4 T-cells approximately 200 in one cubic millimeter of blood
  • wanted to have romantic time with you
  • he/she is very good looking and attractive!

or person B, who...
  • has headache
  • often feel uncomfortable and unstabilized
  • has lost quiet amount of weight recently
  • has CD4 T-cells approximately 50 in one cubic millimeter of blood
  • promise you that he/she is very safe and bet he/she will offer you a good time
  • again is very good looking and attractive

Who will you choose? person A or person B?

finished? check the answers on the back