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The Canadian Health Association reported half of all new HIV infections will occur to people after 25.

Followings are a list of key words and definitions which you might find useful. Read these key words and see if you can remember them all.

AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a sexually-transmitted disease which patient's immune system cannot function properly and weakens.
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the virus that cause AIDS. The HIV virus attacks the CD4 T-cells and weakens the immune system.
CD4 T-cells A white blood cell in the immune system which fights viruses.
DNA The genetic material inside the nucleus of normal human body cells.
RNA An acid that acts as a messenger between DNA and ribosome.
Reverse Transcription A process in which HIV converts RNA into DNA molecules. It is accomplished by an enzyme called RT.
Unprotected Sex Situations may vary, having sex with an infected individual or having sex without using a condom.
RT inhabitor A st drug that terminates reverse transcriptase, and therefore stop HIV from replicating.
AZT Zidovudine, a pill that slows down the replication of HIV by interfering with RT
Crixivan a pill that slows down the replication of HIV by interfering with protease

green face = beneficial for your body.
brown face = bad for your body.
red face = static.